The government has introduced SUPERSTREAM to streamline super contributions. If your SMSF receives contribution from unrelated employer, you need to provide that employer the following details of your SMSF:

  • SMSF name
  • ABN
  • The BGL Electronic Service Address (ESA): AUSPOSTSMSF
  • BSB and Account Number



ATO Tax Tables

1. Business Client Checklist

Why Business Client Checklist? The checklist below helps us understand and cover all your business transactions. This checklist is especially helpful if you do not use any accounting software to account for your business transactions. Please download and complete it the best you can and return to us with other required information/documents so that we can complete your annual financial statements and income tax return for your business.

Client Business Checklist 2017

2. SMSF Documents Required

Documents required for SMSF

3. FBT Declaration Form

FBT Declaration Form enables us to calculate FBT Employee Contribution for business motor vehicle partly or fully used for private purposes. This calculation must be done before FBT Return lodgment due date for employers to deal with FBT employee contributon amount. If your business MV was made available for private use during the FBT year, please download and complete the form below and return to us for action:

FBT Declaration Form 2017


Please follow the following steps to upload files or folder to us:

A.  Install  a Google Drive in your computer (go to – you will need a GMAIL address (register through

B. Transfer files to relevant folder in your Google Drive

B. While in your Google Drive

  1. Check the  box next to the file or folder you’d like to share (send to us).
  2. Right click the file or folder, select     Share then “Email Collaborators”
  3.  Type our email address in the text box below “Invite People”
  4. Click Send


Our EFT Payment Details :
Account Name: Contact Accountants and Advisors Pty Ltd
BSB: 633000
Acc No: 156814840
Our reference: Your invoice number or Ref Code