1.  What is included in your book keeping services? – Our bookkeeping services include:

    1. Initial meeting with you to ascertain your nature of business and business structure;
    2. Setting up and/or updating your Chart of Accounts;
    3. Processing bank statements transactions, cash transactions, bank reconciliation
    4. Processing payroll
    5. Completion of Business Activity Statements
    6. Generation of periodic management reports including Cash Flow Report, Profit & Loss Report and Balance sheet

2.  What is your fee structure?

    1. Our fee is based on efficient time spent by our staff when providing services necessary to meet your need. Efficient time = total time – inefficient time – training time.
    2. Jobs are assigned to staff with appropriate skill set.
    3. Jobs are finally reviewed and signed off by our manager, consultant and/or director.
    4. Timesheets are reviewed by manager, consultant  and/or director
    5. Our services are time-based but a fee estimate can be provided on request.

3. How do I engage your services?

    1. To engage our services, you need to contact our office.
    2. Subsequent to telephone discussions is usually an initial meeting with one of our consultants (free of charge for first consultation) when you can ask a lot of questions and receive all answers directly.
    3. Once you are happy with us and decided to engage our services, we will provide you with an engagement letter setting out what services we are providing, how you are charged, our terms of engagement, your right and obligation under Tax Agent Act 2009, etc.